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Fun Stuff

Dead Dogs Only

Design + Illustration

When a friend's dog died, I sketched a little drawing of her sweet pup and stuck it in a card. She loved it and had the design put onto like a million hats and stickers to give out to friends and family at her wedding. Following the event, I had an influx of dog illustration requests in my inbox, and no desire to become a part-time dog illustrator. So I decided to limit my future commissions in the only way I knew: Dead Dogs Only. 

Blythe Green Studio

Type Design, Branding, Graphic Design

I always wondered what it would be like to turn my own handwriting into a font. When the world shut down in 2020, I decided to find out. With no professional graphic design training, I taught myself the ins and outs of type design through books and online videos. I quickly became captivated by the unexpected combination of math and design (I know it's freaky but I actually like math, okay?). I kept up the progress—teaching myself how to make both sans and serif fonts—and after many failed attempts at applying for a shop on Creative Market, I finally got in. Check it out below!

Alley Shopping

Blood, Sweat, Tears

Another favorite pastime of mine: ALLEY SHOPPING. I love to find free or cheap furniture on the side of the road (or more likely on FaceBook Marketplace), and transform it into something beautiful for my home. One time I was so excited I accidentally hugged the woman who gave it to me. That was weird. 

Scratch Paper Prints

Poetry + Illustration

Before stepping into the world of type design, I spent my free time writing and drawing for my Etsy shop—Scratch Paper Prints (named after my addiction to turning every single piece of paper I got in college into a canvas for doodling and writing). This side project opened many doors for me and I was lucky enough to sell my prints at various artist markets in Chicago. 

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